About Us


Pullman Schools Pantry Program began as a volunteer group of concerned parents. We started in Spring of 2017. This is a supplemental food program to support the health of Pullman School District families in needWe want to create better learning situations for students. Hunger negatively impacts the ability to learn. Many circumstances in life can lead families to struggle in accessing enough food. Healthy, full students can focus, resulting in better learning. 

This program is meant to supplement the food available to all Pullman School District students, and their siblings, during weekends and long school breaks. 

Pullman Schools Pantry Program is a non-profit organization (Federal 501C3) that sustains its mission by support through financial donations, food drives, and grants. Our program is operated by 100% volunteers.

Director: Margaret Gollnick
Assistant Director: Linhda Sagen
Secretary: Hillary Gauthier
Treasurers: Jane Sielken and Anita Reilly

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Phone: 509-432-6736

Community Partner
United Way