"Pullman Schools Pantry Program is a free, optional, supplemental weekend food program for students in need of food assistance and who are enrolled in Pullman schools. Registered students will receive a bag of food to be picked up by an enrolled student or family at preferred on-site school locations.

    Due to the pandemic and current online schooling, enrolled student(s) are responsible for picking up their food bag(s) at the on-site school location they select on this form. Pick-up is on the last day of each school week during lunchtime (11:30am-12:15pm) OR in the case of holidays or shortened weeks, the last day of school for the week. We only need one registration form per family. To respect your privacy, we will be using school lunch numbers to label the bags."

    Due to recent changes to Pullman School District’s lunch pick up protocol with return of K-1 students, it has affected distribution at the elementary schools on Fridays (or last day of school week). Starting Friday, January 8, 2021, your PSPP bags can be picked up from 10:30a.m.-12:30p.m. at these two locations: Pullman High School or Lincoln Middle School.

    Pullman HighLincoln

    By Checking This BoxI Agree as Follows:

    • To register the child or children (associated with the Lunch ID# provided) for the Pullman Schools Pantry program.
    • To accept the provided food “AS IS” and not sell it.
    • To inform my child of food-preparation safety practices and to check all provided food before consumption.

    ********** NO ALLERGY PREFERENCE CAN BE ACCOMMODATED. ******************

    • The risk that my child or children may contract a food-borne illness, which may result in serious injury or death; and
    • The risk that my child or children may have an allergic reaction to the food provided, which may result in serious injury or death.
    • To release, discharge, and hold harmless the original donor, supplier, the School District, and its respective employees and agents from any and all liability or claims that I may have arising in any way from accepting food from the Pullman Schools Pantry Program.

    *** This is not a Pullman School District Program ***